Since The School of Design opened its doors in 1983, it has developed short intensive courses focused on art and design during the summer months—June, July, and August—and the winter month of January, for the general public. During this time, university students, high school students, recent graduates, young professionals, and art and design enthusiasts have participated in a selection of courses taught by seasoned and renown professionals in their respective fields.

These courses are designed to promote creativity and develop the technical abilities of students. They cover a variety of subjects such as fine arts, fashion, photography, film, interior design, landscape design, among others. The constant and growing participation of international students and educational institutions from South America, Canada, and the United States, has helped promote Altos de Chavón as an ideal destination for cultural and educational tourism.

Chavón’s tropical location, the quality of its academic program, and the reputation of its graduates have caught the attention of many of the design industry’s stars. The courses offered under Special Programs have ranged from the study of typography, to fashion illustration, from their popular and successful drawing courses taught by full-time faculty, to focused courses in interior design, photography, film, among others. The wide variety of courses offered, allows for a diverse public to converge at The School of Design campus and create a unique cultural and educational dynamic among faculty and students from both national and international provenance.


JUNE 30 TO JULY 1 2017 (2 DAYS)

Santo Domingo Campus

Learn to develop the pattern technique know as ”Subtraction Cutting” to make cuts and experimental garments that break the limits of the usual shapes.


During the month of January, Dominican and international professionals, specialists in their respective areas, give intensive one- and two-week courses for students and professionals who seek to develop their art and design knowledge. Students are able to experience an unforgettable learning opportunity in the scope of a one-week 30-hour course, offering the opportunity of working alongside these professionals – resembling a studio experience. Because of its intensity, students are able to walk away with new skills that they introduce into their studies or careers, giving them a more competitive advantage as professionals.


Fashion Forecasting

January 11 – 15

Professor: Agustina Cattaneo

Fashion Marketing

January 18 – 22

Professor: Agustina Cattaneo

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The Road to Feature Film-Making

January 11 – 22

Let’s Make a Film

January 25 – 29

Professor: Jordan Stone

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January 17 – 22

Professor: Melanie Reim

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Chavon offers an educational and recreational three-week program that promotes learning, exploration and curiosity for young high school adolescents between 14 to 17 years of age.  Located in the lush natural environment of the Caribbean and private environment of Casa de Campo, students have the opportunity to explore topics related to art, while developing skills and techniques of drawing, design thinking and problem-solving, through courses focused on fashion design, communication design and photography.

Students benefit from visits to galleries, museums and other institutions that provide cultural enrichment experience, while participating in recreational activities ranging from trips to local beaches, caves, sports, movie nights, and social gatherings to promote an atmosphere of friendship among all students.

Participants may choose from three areas of focus: Fashion Design, Photography and Communication Design. The first week focuses on the issues and basic concepts of design, drawing and visual interpretation. During the second and third week students will be fully immersed in their area of interest, learning from professionals and visiting exhibitions and design studios relevant to their focus of study.


Every year during the months of July and August, The School of Design holds its International Summer Program. This two-month period offers short intensive courses in the fields of Design, Photography, Fashion Design, Editorial Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Art Therapy, Film Production, Scriptwriting, Painting, Sculpture, among others.

The courses offered by the International Summer program give students the opportunity to create and enhance their portfolio for the purpose of admission to the School, and in turn opens the door to a wider audience – from young people in the process of going to college, to students pursuing careers in art and design, to emerging and established professionals and hobbyists. During the International Summer Program, a diverse audience of students converges in The School of Design, making it a dynamic environment among its national and international participants.

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