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The Altos de Chavón School of Design offers an educational curriculum in art and design that stimulates the development of creative abilities and critical thinking, with the aim of turning out highly qualified professionals for a changing world. Since its foundation, The School has been affiliated to the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York.

 “Discipline, hard work, an open mind, a search for excellence, these are things I learned as a student in Chavón. When I returned as a teacher, these same things became supremely important, since now my focus was not only on myself, but every year I had in my hands some 20 souls who needed my guidance. The level of my commitment, dedication, respect, and study grew, and I ended up learning more than I had learned when I was a student and a professional.”

Elías Roedán | Graduate and ex-director, Communication Design

 “The Altos de Chavón School of Design was the best thing that could have happened in my life. I’ll always be grateful for the knowledge I acquired in The School and for the teachers I had, since, thanks to them, I have the knowledge and skills necessary to work as an art director in the field of editorial design.”

Chinel Lantigua | Graduate, Communication Design and Certificate Program in Digital Design

“Studying in Chavón has been the best decision I’ve made in my life. There I was able to immerse myself in art, be in contact with nature, and meet teachers and classmates I consider my best friends today. The focus of The School made me the person I am today, giving me the discipline and the knowledge I need as a designer.”

Luis Valverde | Graduate, Communication Design and Certificate Program in Digital Design



Since 1983, more than 10,000 students have passed through the classrooms of The School’s Altos de Chavón and Santo Domingo campuses, becoming adept in all areas related to design and art: fine arts and illustration, communication design, fashion design, digital design, interior design, photography, architecture, and film production.

The cultural diversity of The School of Design’s student body has been an enriching factor in participants’ academic and personal experience, broadening their human and creative vision. Since its creation, The School has welcomed students from 35 different countries:

Argentina • Bolivia • Canada • Cuba • Chile • China • Colombia • Costa Rica • Dominican Republic • Ecuador • El Salvador • France • Germany • Grenada • Guadeloupe • Guatemala • Haiti • Honduras • Italy • Mexico • Netherlands • North Korea • Panama • Peru • Puerto Rico • Russia • Saint Martin • Serbia • Spain • Sweden • Taiwan • Turks and Caicos • United Kingdom • United States of America • US Virgin Islands • Venezuela


“I’ve never found myself with a group of people, year after year, who demonstrate such great qualities as human beings. Their talent is enormous, their dedication is immense, and they give proof that the act of creating is a necessity for someone who lives with passion and emotion.”

Raúl Miyar | Teacher and director, Fine Arts and Illustration

“In Chavón I was able to develop not only academically but also on a personal level. I met wonderful people, from different places around the country and the world, who, along with my teachers, became my friends. Today I can thank my teachers and my classmates for my formation as an artist and a person.”

Juan Carlos Reyes | Graduate, Fine Arts and Illustration


Located in the southeast of the Dominican Republic, in a natural setting bordered by the sinuous Chavón River, the village of Altos de Chavón was founded, in 1976, as a dynamic center of multidisciplinary art. The location of The School of Design in a unique site promotes intense immersion in educational pursuits for the Associate Degrees and Special Programs.

The brick and coral-stone buildings of Altos de Chavón house art studios, crafts workshops, galleries, stores, and restaurants. Painters, designers, writers, and musicians come from different parts of the world to create, teach, and learn. In workshops open to the public, artisans pay homage to Dominican heritage, keeping the country’s rich folklore alive.

“Chavón is a place where perception is amplified and lives are transformed—an indelible experience where magic is the norm.”

Raúl Miyar | Professor and director, Fine Arts and Illustration

“I’m sure that in no other place would I have lived the life I did in Chavón. The experience was not only academic but personal. Living together with my classmates day after day was very enriching. It was a life experience that helped me grow in all senses.”

Isabel Grullón | Graduate, Fine Arts and Illustration

“Chavón, my alma mater, became my home the instant I felt that I had lost the desire and taste for the well made, the instant that daily work became a dead weight, and it gave me back that desire to experiment, to make, to create, and to be myself. “

Elías Roedán | Graduate and ex-director, Communication Design


Founded by Bartholomew Columbus in 1496, Santo Domingo is the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic. As the oldest European settlement in the Americas, this metropolis is a UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts the first monastery, fortress, castle, cathedral and university in the New World. Today, Santo Domingo is the cultural, commercial, financial, political and industrial center of the country. Students of the urban campus of Chavón may enrich their professional occupations by pursuing an array of Continuing Education and Certificate programs. In addition, children and teenagers are able to develop their creative and artistic abilities in the numerous workshops throughout the year.

“The city is a mix of old world charm and modern Latin flair. Its medieval palaces and fortresses mix with nightlife and shopping to rival any modern city in the world.”


The School of Design’s teachers come from around the world and have been chosen from among a community of artists and designers dedicated to academic excellence in their fields.

“Chavón is a school where you go to have great connections with all the people that make it up. The marvelous thing about Chavón’s teachers in is that they are artists with a pedagogic vocation, that they manage to transmit to us, through their personal lives, the desire to live by and for art.”

Leticia Ceballos | Graduate, Fine Arts and Illustration