Applications for admission to the 2-Year, Full-Time program at CHAVÓN may be submitted throughout the year. However, early application is encouraged, as admission is on a space-available basis. Admissions decisions will generally be made within two weeks after completion of the requirements listed below.

First-year applicants to the two-year, full-time program must begin their studies during the fall term (September to December) of CHAVÓN 2-semester academic year.

Transfer applicants are welcome to apply for advanced standing at CHAVÓN. They may begin their studies in the fall of the second year and must complete two full semesters in order to qualify for graduation. They must submit official transcripts documenting their college or university studies [1] and present a portfolio of their college-level work that demonstrates competence at CHAVÓN’s second year level. This will be evaluated by the faculty of their chosen major and/or the admissions staff. In exceptional instances significant professional experience, documented by an advanced portfolio and resumé, may be substituted for college-level studio credits.

Graduates of the Two-Year Program at CHAVÓN [2] have the option of continuing their studies through the 2+2 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree program with Parsons School of Design. The principal requirement for admission to Parsons’ third (junior) year is the maintenance of a B (3.0) average at CHAVÓN and meeting Parsons’ admissions and English language fluency requirements.

The most important criterion for admission to CHAVÓN is the potential for creative artistic achievement. The Committee on Admissions will base its decisions on an applicant’s portfolio, [3] including The CHAVÓN Challenge (see below), as well as previous academic performance and an interview by a member of the admissions staff or faculty.


[1] Applicants who have completed less than one year of college or university study must submit official transcripts from both their high school and college or university. Those with a full year or more of study at an accredited college or university are only required to submit their post-secondary transcripts.

[2] The full-time, two-year program at CHAVÓN is the equivalent of a US associate degree. Parsons School of Design accepts CHAVÓN credits towards its BFA degree on a 2 + 2 basis and qualified CHAVÓN graduates who successfully meet Parsons admissions requirements are admitted to the BFA curriculum at the 3rdyear (junior) level. Many other colleges, universities and art schools, in the US and internationally, also accept CHAVÓN credits, although the acceptance of transfer credit by any educational institution is always at its discretion.  Applicants should also note that Parsons does not offer a major in film.

[3] Fashion Marketing and Communications applicants are not required to complete a portfolio, but must submit the CHAVÓN Challenge.


  • FIRST: File your application forms and include the application fee (Should link to Admissions Application form for the two-year programs)
  • SECOND: Send your official transcripts to the Office of Admissions
  • THIRD: After your application and transcripts have been sent, Complete Your Portfolio and The CHAVÓN Challenge
  • FOURTH: Schedule your interview and portfolio/CHAVÓN challenge review with the Office of Admissions

(International applicants or those living beyond 50 miles from a CHAVÓN campus have the option of an online interview and sending their portfolio by post or courier – see below)


 For AdmissionComplete and return the application form as an attachment to an email or in-person in any of our offices. Include the application fee of US $50, or its equivalent in Dominican pesos. (Non-refundable)

To view the application form, Click Here (link to Admissions Application form for Two-Year Programs).

For Financial Aid: All applicants as well as registered students may apply for financial aid. Scholarships for new students are based on artistic ability and financial need. Applicants who request financial aid must file their financial application within one month of the time at which they submitted their application for admissionto The School.  

The Financial Aid Committee will not consider an application for aid until all admissions requirements (Portfolio, CHAVÓN challenge, interview, etc.) have been completed and the applicant has been accepted.The Committee will make every effort to notify the applicant of its financial aid decision within two weeks of the applicant’s acceptance date.

Priority Deadline, May 1: The Financial Aid Committee will make the majority of its awards by mid-May, and has instituted a priority deadline of May 1 for the receipt of financial aid applications. Applications may be considered, and scholarships awarded after May 1, but only as long as funds remain available.

To view the application form and the requirements for financial aid, Click Here:


 The portfolio should demonstrate an applicant’s general ability in the visual arts and highlight any special interests. To be most meaningful, a good portfolio should be comprised of relatively recent work.

 Portfolios will be reviewed by an admissions professional at the time of the interview, and will later be reviewed by a faculty member from the department in which they plan to major.

Applicants are encouraged to present their portfolios in their original media rather than in a digital format. Works that by their nature require a digital presentation (such as film and animation) should be submitted in high resolution on a CD or thumb drive that is compatible with Mac OS they can be viewed during the interview.

Original Artworks in the portfolio can be varied in size but should not exceed 20 x 32 inches (51x 81 centimeters). Works for The CHAVÓN Challenge that are presented on paper (see below) may not exceed 18 x 24 inches (46 x 61 centimeters). These size limitations do not apply to works submitted digitally.

International applicants and those who live beyond 50miles of a CHAVÓN campus may send their portfolios of original work by post our courier (e.g. FEDEX, UPS, as well as Caribe Pack, Metro Pack or Sichoem for Dominican residents). They may also send them onlinethrough attachments or links via


The portfolio must include a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15 pieces.Although it should show a range of media, the portfolio can feature drawings, paintings, photographs, films, craft items, sketchbooks and/or designs. It may be completed independently, in school or in other instructional settings.


Film applicants may submit a portfolio as described above for Fine Arts and other majors; orthey may present audiovisual works, short films or animations in which they had a significant production or creative role. For the in-person interview these should be submitted in high resolution to a USB drive that is compatible with Mac OS. If an interview is not possible, the files may be sent online to the Office of Admissions, as attachments or links via, or as a link to Vimeo with a password that expires in no sooner than six months.

-Two-page letter of intent stating reasons why applicant wants to be a filmmaker

-One-page essay stating favorite movie and why


Fashion Marketing and Communications majors are not required to submit a portfolio, but must complete The CHAVÓN Challenge.


To be submitted simultaneously with the portfolio.

 The Chavón Challengeis required of all applicants, except Film. It provides an additional insight into an applicant’s creative and technical abilities as well as his/her approach to the chosen major.

Work produced forThe Chavón Challengemay be submitted on paper [4] (no larger than 8 x 24 inches (46 x 61 centimeters) or it may be submitted digitally.

If the Challenge is submitted digitally, it should be presented in high resolution on a thumb drive or CD for discussion at the time of the interview. For applicants living beyond 50 miles of a CHAVÓN campus, these may be mailed or sent by courier and should arrive prior to the scheduled interview so that their readability can be confirmed in advance. Digital material should be in high resolution and readable in Mac OS.

Regardless of the presentation format (digital or on paper), The CHAVÓN Challenge will be retained until an admissions (and/or financial aid) decision has been made. [5] 

 International students or others who are unable to schedule an in-person interview may send their portfolios digitally, or can send their original artwork to the Office of Admissions by courier. [6]

All work produced for The Chavón Challenge, including thumb drives or CDs,will be retained by the Office of Admissions until an admissions decision has been made.


[4] (This “on paper” option does not to apply to applicants for the film major)

[5] Applicants may pick up work that has been retained at any time after notification of their admissions decision but no later than 4 months after the decision has been received.

[6] IBID (same as footnote 5, above).


PART 1. All Applicants (Except Film and Fashion Marketing & Communications)

 Create an urban streetscape or a rural landscape as a collage, made from either colored paper, torn pages from magazines, other printed materials, or a combination of both. If you wish to use a different two-dimensional material that you think would work as well or better, feel free to do so.

(You may find inspiration here):

 PART 2.

Choose the assignment below that corresponds to your proposed major:

(If your major is undecided, chose the one that appeals to you most at the present time.)

FINE ARTS MAJORS (choose one):

  • Make a self-portrait in charcoal or pencil. It must be created by looking in a mirror – not by copying a photograph[7]
  • Draw one of your hands in pencil.
  • Make a drawing or painting in the style of Picasso’s 1911-12 painting Ma Jolie[8] It can be in pencil or in color. (Ma Jolie{My Pretty Girl} was a popular song sung at a club in Paris that Picasso frequented. That may be why he included a treble clef and the song’s title.)

For an image of Ma Jolie, see the following link:


[7] Applicants should know that portraits made from photographs are almost always recognizable and will not be considered.

[8] You can find this painting on the internet at: 

Do not confuse the 1911-12 Ma Joliewith the 1914 painting of the same name.


  • Design a poster for a concert or feature film;
  • Design a homepage for your own website;
  • Design a logo for a restaurant or a clothing store;
  • Submit six photographs that could be used to illustrate the cover story of a popular magazine. (You can choose a different magazine for each photo or shoot them all for the same publication.)
  • Create a story-board for a 30-second TV advertisement for either a car or for perfume.


  • Illustrate passages from The Little Prince.Include three or four images representing different scenes from the story.
  • Create an illustration to be included in an advertisement for a soft drink and make an illustration for a poster for your favorite band (you do not have to include the lettering).
  • Illustrate a scene from a major historical event.
  • Create and illustrate a greeting card, including its text.


  • Submit a minimum of eight photographs, at leasttwo of which are black and white: Include a photographic self-portrait. Then create a series of photos that tell a story; it can be about a historical or current event, a book or article you have read, something important from your own life or pure fantasy. Use your imagination – you have a lot of latitude in choosing a topic.
  • Submit a minimum of eight photographs, at least two of which are black and white:Include a posed portrait taken with artificial lighting; a still-life; a landscape; a city-scape; a photo of all or part of a piece of machinery and a photo you might take if you were a news photographer covering a story.

Photos must be no smaller than 8” x 10”


Submit design concepts (quick color sketches in any medium) for a minimum of six garments (women’s, men’s or a mix of both). Include at least one sketch in each of the following categories:

  • evening formal wear;
  • business casual;
  • sportswear;
  • bathing/beachwear;
  • fantasy.


 Neither a portfolio nor section one of The CHAVÓN Challenge are required, but you must complete the questions, below.

Imagine that you are opening a boutique, whose target market is between the ages of 22 and 34. You must select the merchandise for this store, which can be a small shop with roughly 400 square feet of selling space or it can be a virtual, online store.

  1. Give your boutiquea name.
  2. If it is a physical space, describe it. If it is online, describe the components of your website.

To complete this assignment, you must:

  1. Define your market demographic and tell us who your customers will be. Are they:
  • Men, women or both?
  • Hip young middle-class graduates of private schools and colleges starting out in their first jobs?
  • Young working professionals who have begun to establish solid careers?
  • Young people with modest educational and economic backgrounds who want to be fashionable and move up through the ranks.
  • Where they do live?
  • Something else that interests you (but still within the 22-34 year-old age group)
  1. Decide on your merchandise. Will it be exclusively clothing, or will it include accessories; i.e., jewelry, hats, belts, shoes, etc.? Maybe it will be none of the above — a specialty store that focuses on one or two types of items; e.g., scarves and jewelry. This is entirely your decision. Choose something you really like and use your imagination.

Then tell us in a few words what you plan to sell and at what price points.

  1. Select the merchandise you think would sell best to your type of customer by choosing images from the internet or from magazines, catalogs and/or other relevant publications. Print or cut them out and past them into a large notebook or portfolio (no larger than 18 x 24 inches (46 x 61 centimeters) or download them to a thumb drive or CD and bring them, along with your written answers to your interview.

Tell us in a few words why you think these merchandise selections will sell to your customer and why they will be competitive in the marketplace.

If you are an international applicant or live more than 50 miles from a CHAVÓN campus, you may send your material to the Office of Admissions online or send a thumb drive or CD by post our courier.


Create a floor plan in ¼ inch scale for a large, single-story residence with no basement.

 You may draw this by hand, using an ink-roller pen or you may use one of the online drafting programs.There are a number of free programs on the web from which you can choose. An example is shown in the link below.

Your floor plan should Include:  • Living Room • Entrance Hall • Dining Room • Kitchen • Pantry • Laundry Room • 4 Bedrooms (a Master Bedroom; one Guest Room; a room for a young child and one for a teenager — each with a Full Bathroom) • Also include: a Half- bath (i.e., only a sink and a commode) that is convenient for guests when entertaining • a Home Office • a Two-Car Garage and • a Utility/Storage Room.

Show the position of all furnishings plus amenities(sinks, bathtubs, commodes, etc.) Be mindful of the flow and efficiency of the layout as well as safety.

Also show the positionof utilities(E.g. central air-conditioning units and air handlers, water and heating systems (if on the roof, simply state that in a note on the drawing). Do nottry to show the position of window A/C units.

Then select pictures of the furnishing and fixturesthat you would choose for this home, as well as pictures of your choices of materials for floors, wallpapers and/or paint colors, etc. Paste these pictureson as many sheets of paper as you need, but none larger than 18 x 24 inches.

*  *  * *  * *  *

Here is a link to a free online drafting program:

If you chose to draw your floor plan by hand, you may find the following drawing aids helpful.They are usually available in a good art supply store, but if not, they can be ordered online. sells them and shows pictures of them as well.

  • A T-Square and a Triangle
  • A Scale Ruler. (This will make it easy for you to calculate and draw rooms and walls to scale.)
  • An Architects and Builder’s template (this is an inexpensive plastic sheet with cut-out spaces from which you can quickly and accurately outline the shapes of sinks, tubs, cabinets, tables, door swings, etc. in scale.


 Film majors are not required to submit The CHAVÓN Challenge. Applicants to this program will be evaluated on the basis of their academic records, interview, portfolio, letter of intent and essay.


The interview includes the presentation and review of the portfolio and of The CHAVÓN Challenge. It must be in person for all applicants living within50miles of either of CHAVÓN’s two campuses. Students living beyond this distance, and international students living outside the Dominican Republic, are strongly encouraged to visit the school.However, they may complete their interview requirement by phone, Skype, FaceTime or other similar or widely-usedplatforms, in which case they should ensure in advance (via email or phone) that their digital portfolio has been received and is readable by the admissions staff.


 From your High School: If you are a high school senior or a high school graduate who has not attended college, you must request your official transcripts from your high school and submit or mail the original copies to the Office of Admissions at CHAVÓN – La Escuela de Diseño in advance of your interview.

From College and Universities: If you are attending or have attended an accredited college or university for one or more academic years, you are not required to submit a high school transcript. Instead, you must request that an official transcript from your college or university be submitted to the Office of Admissions at Chavón. If you attended college or university for less than one academic year, you must send your officialcollege transcriptand an official transcript from your high school. These must be received prior to your interview.


THAT both your portfolio of original art and The CHAVÓN Challenge should be presented for discussion during the interview, which is mandatory for all applicants who live within 50miles of one of CHAVÓN’s two campuses.

THAT No works in a mailed or couriered portfolio, including The CHAVÓN Challenge, may exceed18” x 24” (46 x 61 centimeters).If the portfolio or CHAVÒN Challenge is sent digitally, these size restrictions do not apply.

THAT Portfolios submitted digitally, whether through an attachment or an online link, on a CD or on a thumb-drive, must be high resolution PDFs or JPEGs. PowerPoint or interactive formats are not acceptable.

THAT all applicants are encouraged to visit the school for an informational interview[9]and a tour.

THAT If you are an international applicant or live beyond 50miles from CHAVÓN, we strongly encourage you to arrange a visit, even though you have the option to mail our courier your portfolios to the Office of Admissions. If you do plan to visit, you may schedule an informal informational interview, or you may schedule your required in-person interview at that time. Remember that if you decide to have your required interview during your visit, must bring your portfolio and The CHAVÓN Challenge with you.

THAT mailed or couriered portfolios and work in The CHAVÓN Challenge retained by the Office of Admissions remain the property of the student and must be picked up within four months of the admissions decision. CHAVÓN will not take responsibility for artwork left beyond that period of time.


  1. Application Form: Has it been completed and sent to CHAVÓN? Does it include the application fee? Link Here
  2. Transcripts: Have you requested your high school and/or your college/university official transcripts for submission?
  3. Remember that both your application and transcripts must be submitted prior to your interview.
  4. Portfolio and The CHAVÓN Challenge:Have you begun and/or completed these?
  5. Interview: Have you made an appointment (by phone or email) with the CHAVÓN Admissions Office?
  6. Financial Assistance: If you are requesting financial assistance, remember that you must apply within one month of the time at which you submitted your application for admission. The Financial Aid Committee will not consider your aid application until you have completed all admissions requirements (portfolio, CHAVÓN challenge, interview, etc.) and if you are accepted, the Committee will make every effort to notify you of its financial aid decision within two weeks of your acceptance date. Link Here

[9]You may bring samples of your artwork to an informational interview for an informal evaluation and discussion.


We know that preparing a portfolio can sometimes be confusing, and we are always happy to explain our requirements and to help you produce the best possible examples of your work.

If you have any questions or need further explanations or advice about any of the portfolio assignments and/or requirements, please call, text or email us.

We hold occasional portfolio preparation workshops throughout the school year and will be happy to let you know when the next one will be scheduled.  We also have an after-school program called “Portfolio Preparation” at the Santo Domingo campus. It meets for 2½ hours once a week, for ten weeks. For further information on this program, click here(link Chavón Teens program)


Luis Acosta, Admissions Manager and International Student Advisor

Phone: + 1 (809) 563.2802

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

Address: Calle Paseo de los Aviadores, No. 5. Ens. Miraflores

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


*   *  *   *   *  *   *   *  *   *   * 



 The following documents are required to complete the process of admission to CHAVÓN:

  1. Birth certificate in original format
  2. Photocopy of identity card (cédula) or passport (for international candidates)
  3. Medical certificate (of good health)
  4. High School certification issued by Ministry of Education [10]
  5. Official college transcripts showing the last semester in which the student enrolled, and any degree(s) granted.
  6. Four front-facing 2” × 2” (5 cm × 5 cm) color photographs


[10] Only required for residents of the Dominican Republic